Muscle Stiffness

The secret is the instantaneous of magnetism

ELEKIBAN® uses magnetism to stimulates blood circulation, breaking the vicious circle and relieving stiff muscles.

Magnetism reaches into stiff area and relieves the vicious circle of muscle stiffness

Muscle stiffness is caused by persistent strain and fatigue, as muscles contract and become thicker and stiffer. Stiffened muscles compress the blood vessels, impairing the circulation of the blood. This in turn causes lactic acid to accumulate, which results in even more muscle tension. The result is a vicious circle of muscle stiffness.

Magnetism starts working from the moment of application

When people try a magneto-therapeutic device, the first thing they like is that it does not cause a burning or cooling sensation on the skin. But sensation and effectiveness are two different things. What ’s important is whether the device works. From the instant the magneto-therapeutic device is applied, magnetism penetrates the skin and starts working within stiff area. And it doesn’t just slowly permeate the skin: it works instantly. This is possible only with magnetic force.



  • Odor-less.
  • Small and inconspicuous.
  • ELEKIBAN® can be worn even while bathing or showering.
  • The permanent magnet continues to work as long as ELEKIBAN® is worn.
  • Surface magnetic flux density of 130 mT, ferrite permanent magnet.

Effect: Stimulates blood circulation and relieves muscle stiffness.

Certification number: 225AGBZX00030000

PIP Magneloop®

  • Magnetic loop relieves stiff shoulders.
  • Entire loop gives off a magnetic force, which penetrates all the way from the neck to the shoulders.
  • Can be washed with water.
  • Automatically comes off if it is too tight around the neck.
  • Easy to take off.
  • Surface magnetic flux density of 55 mT, ferrite permanent magnet.
  • Material: Silicon resin.

Effect: Stimulates blood circulation and relieves muscle stiffness.

Certification number: 222AGBZX00279000